Amateur Radio Station

Tom Muye
Estero, Fl
Lee County Fl
Latitude:     26.441471 (26 26′ 29″)
Longitude:-81.788691 (81 47′ 19″)
Member of FORT MYERS AMATEUR RADIO CLUB                                                                   Served as Vice President, President and currently as Past President                            Assistant Section Manager for the ARRL Southern Florida Section Gulf District                            Served as an OO and the OO Coordinator for ARRL Southern Florida Section                                                                       (Read More)

I’d been a Ham Radio “wannabe” for a long time before taking my tests.  There had been many oportunities, but other things always dragged my attention away from that goal.  It wasn’t that I was not engaged with radio communications… Over the years I had been involved in Civil Air Patrol Communications, maintained hospital paging , VHF,UHF radio, and medical telemetry systems.  Becoming a Private Pilot also contributed to the long list of “other things” and the plane maintenance certainly ate up a lot of time.

It was when I became semi-retired that finally there was time to pursue my interest in Ham Radio.   I’m a resident of a “Gated Community” in Estero, Fl, where I maintain an attic based “Antenna Farm” consisting of several VHF, and UHF  antennas (9 total), as well as  1 HF “Slinky” listening dipole.   Outside, for HF, I have a Force 12 Flagpole, a Screwdriver Antenna attached to my screen cage, and a 75 Meter center fed dipole laying on my roof in a delta shape.    I’m really looking forward to HB 4969 becoming a law !!! I presently serve as Past President of the Fort Myers Amateur Radio Club and enjoy being part of this 200+ member active organization.   One of my areas of interest has always been Emergency Communications, and our local ARES / RACES TEAM is the All Lee Emergency Response Team (ALERT)  which is an active part of FMARC.  We have several SET practice drills each year and meet monthly in person, and weekly on the air.